Join a dynamic team where you can learn and quickly progress


We promote a balance between investment and well-being at work built on 4 pilars :

  • A dynamic way of working: experience a collective and collaborative daily adventure;
  • A “flat” organization supporting the proximity of the teams whatever the role of each other;
  • Tutored by an internal “coach” who helps you progress and build your own professional career within the firm;
  • Several events through the year enable consultants to get closer and share moments away from professional considerations: business seminars abroad (eg: Malta, Turkey, Italy, etc.),  evening events (annual reception, birthdays, etc.) or cultural and sporting outings.


Because consultants are our key asset, training is a key value in which kxiop invests. Training is a skills accelerator for consultants and guarantee of innovation and quality for our clients. On average, the consultants follow more than 10 days of training per year.

These training sessions are built to enable each consultant to acquire the necessary methods and tools for a successful development. kxiop offers dedicated modules tailored to each grade with clear objectives, innovative format and content, as well as innovative teaching methods (classroom, collaborative workshops, #hack, MOOC).

Each consultant follows a compulsory common core of trainings including the following aspects: working group animation methods, use of microsoft office tools, data visualization and decision-making tools, basics of manufacturing and supply chain, basics of product development, basics of  project management, PMI® PMP and CPIM APICS® certification.

Each consultant can then enrich these basics with in-depth modules provided internally or externally according to both personal aspiration and company long-term strategy.

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