Experience Center

Leverage your innovation with advanced digital tools

The kxiop Experience Center is a structure dedicated to experimentation and creativity. Firmly grounded on kxiop engineering expertise it offers a unique hollistic approach to leverage the latest emerging technologies for business.

Our goal is to help you leverage your inhouse knowledge through your whole design process by the use of avanced methods, tools and technologies. This empowerement includes the ability to integrate and make yours those means to innovate faster and more often. Our dedicated toolbox is fitted for new service or product developpments, as well as existing activities improvement.

For you to deliver more value to your clients our Experience Center offers the most advanced technologies for virtual and physical prototyping: 3D printing, 3D scanning and reverse engineering, virtual and augmented reality, up to the modeling of entire immersive experiences.

Our experts are also masters of innovation methods, including design thinking, C-K theory or TRIZ method, while beeing concious of engineering and industrial day to day realities. Thanks to our agile structure we deliver the speed and efficience of a creative FabLab, supported and boosted by 15 years of experience in industrial consulting.

We also offer dedicated training solutions, tailor made for your organizations, ranging from creativity, innovation management or digital tools.

Fully prepared to deliver innovation ready for the industrial world, the kxiop Experience Center is a unique enabler for your organization and clients.


The kxiop Design Center is where things happen! It is a place of creativity and experiementation. We are equipped with the latest physical prototyping technologies, including 3D printing and 3D scanning with the associated CAD tools. Our software expertise also covers the Adobe Suite and advanced experience modeling tools, such as Blender, Unity and Unreal. We can craft adhoc immersive experiences and render them on our Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality googles.

For each industry we rely on identified individuals within kxiop, who work hand in hand with the Design Center experts, so we can precisely adress your industrial contexts such as automotive and transportation, aeronautics and space, defence, luxury and even healthcare.

With this dual expertise of industry and design we guarantee the recommended solutions will be compatible and aligned with your corporated strategy, methods and organizations.

The kxiop Training Center is the embodiement of 15 years experience accompanying our clients. Training executives and collaborators to new tools and methods is an ongoing priority in order to face today’s and tommorow’s challenges.

Our pedagogy is based on experimentation and we strongly believe in the learning by doing moto. Each of our teaching are based and applied upon real operationnal context, for an instant valorisation of newly acquired knowledge.

We design each class in close collaboration with our clients and are able to quickly adapt our methodology to the most demanding situations.

The kxiop Innovation Center is an actionnable idea box for your organization. We offer dedicated solutions to help you innovate often and quickly. From the management of creativity sessions to the market boost during the release of a new product or services, we help you leverage your inhouse knowledge to foster innovation and reach success during industrialisation.

We are experts with some of the most reknown innovation methods : design thinking, C-K theory, lean start up, TRIZ method. Furthermore we know how to use them in industrial constrained environements to deliver immediate and actionable value to you and your clients.

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